Who's Ready for Wine Wars?

Wine Wars Podcast Refuge Lounge July 18 2018

The history of wine is fraught with war, but that's not actually the type of war we're talking about.  The Wine Wars Podcast, which was started simply as a fun, laid back way to learn about wine and share the creator's love of Star Wars, has been gaining momentum since they got started back in May of 2015. After three years and over 80 unique episodes, we were thrilled to be the location of their first live recording!

Several weeks ago, two of our wine specialists, Helena and Jonathan, sat down with the guys of Wine Wars to talk a little bit about our ever-evolving wine program and some of our most exciting new labels. The podcast is a perfect introduction for those who are looking to explore wines from across the globe and learn a little bit more about what the Lounge has to offer. Eight of Helena's favorite wines from across the globe were featured, and not only did she and Jonathan provide some great info. about each vintage and the terroir from which each wine originates, but they're both filled with fun facts about the process of wine-making and tasting -- even on how different phases of the moon might affect how a wine tastes on any given day!

Don't worry if you missed the live show. The episode is available on the Wine Wars website, here, and you can also download this and previous episodes wherever you search for your favorite podcasts!

Wine Wars Red Wine White Wine Refuge Lounge.jpg

"Red or White?"

The ultimate showdown.

"Red or White?" The English writer Kinglsey Amis once wrote that these three words were the most depressing question in the English language. But far from the negative retro dinner party associations, this question of which is better continues to proliferate. Many of us have a preference, but at the Lounge we're determined to introduce everyone to the gorgeous varieties that exist on both sides of the aisle.

Instead of "Red or White," we'd rather ask: "Which would you like to try first?"

Fortunately we've got one of each available: two of our favorite selections for summer.

Refuge Lounge White Wine Meeker Verdelho

2017 Meeker Verdelho

Pronounced 'ver-del-oh,' this wine originated in Portugal, where it's used in the great Madeira fortified wines. But it's also enjoyed as a well balanced, dryer-style white. Rich with fruit flavors, fresh aromas, and great acidity, this summery selection is so delicious, we're pouring it by the glass as a special selection. It's quickly become a staff favorite!

Refuge Lounge Red Wine Mont Gravet Carignan.jpg

2015 Mont Gravet Carignan

The Carignan grape is one many are unfamiliar with. But this rich, fruit-forward wine, which hails from the Languedoc region of Southern France, is ideal for summer. Deep, dark, and filled with aromas of blackberries and figs, the wine is well balanced, elegant, and has a lingering finish that's oh-so-enjoyable.

We'd love to hear what you think!

We're content to let the age old question of 'Red or White' go unanswered. But, as always, we would love to know what you think! Do you have a preference? Does it change from season to season?
Both of these wines are delicious on their own or together, no matter the time of year, and we'd love an opportunity to share them with you.

And don't forget!
The Refuge Lounge Wine Wars podcast is available online wherever you search for your favorite podcasts! Check out the Wine Wars website regularly to keep up on new and exciting wine knowledge. (and Star Wars trivia!)