Summer Craft Cocktails at the Refuge Lounge

Who's ready for a craft cocktail?

We've been pretty spoiled with the weather so far this season. Even though the official start of summer was just a couple weeks ago, there's been plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy a bite to eat and a drink around the patio. 

It's perfect timing, then, that our Mixologist, Matthew, created two delicious new craft cocktails specially for the summer menu. 

The Dead Man's Negroni

This variation of the classic Italian cocktail was released for National Negroni Week in early June and became a quick warm-weather favorite. 

The classic Negroni is traditionally an apperitivo. (That's enjoyed before dinner.) Its perfect balance of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth is a blend of sweet and bitter, with a hit of herbal warmth that piques the appetite. And while we're happy to drink the original, Matthew's variation inspires a particularly summer vibe.

The Campari and sweet vermouth are still there doing their thing, but instead of gin, black rum gives things a more tropical edge. But far from the bright, acidic drinks one might expect from that association, the Dead Man's Negroni is finished off with some mole bitters and garnished with cinnamon and blood orange. 

It's a little boozy, and a lotta delicious. They go back quickly and beg for a second. (Or third.)

The Golden Compass Cocktail 2018 Refuge Lounge.jpg

The Golden Compass

This completely original creation of Matthew's highlights another favorite summer flavor that we're very excited to see show up in a cocktail: chai. 

Dark rum, house-infused with butter and vanilla, gets a little extra sweetness with a touch of honey. And along with a touch of lemon brightness for balance, it's the perfect match to stand up to the warming spices in the chai.  

Garnished with an aromatic star anise, the Golden Compass is the perfect (adult) alternative when you're looking for that chai spice sans all the milk. 

We'd love to know which is your favorite.

We're always looking forward, and there are some new original cocktails already in the works as we move further along in 2018.

But that doesn't mean the classics aren't available. If you don't see what you're looking for on our menu, never hesitate to ask us about it!